2 Year Anniversary!

Today marks our 2 Year Anniversary for being in business. Our customer base has grown and we are grateful for the connections we have made in our local community! Thank you to all of our customers who have been part of our growth by entrusting our services to deliver solutions to meet your technology needs!

Residential Cat6 Installs

New Construction and Existing Construction Installed 3 Cat6 drops in 3 locations and centrally located them in the room that will have the modem/router. Installed 16 Cat6 drops across 8 locations in the house. Installed network rack with patch panel, switch, and surge-protected power strip. Coax cable was relocated to central rack area for modem/router…
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IT Consultation Services

Do you have pain-points with current technology in your home or business? Do you have an idea for improving your technology needs but are not sure what else needs to be considered or how to implement it? Reach out to Emerald Coast IT Services and let us know what’s on your mind. We can provide…
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Microsoft customer-service credentials stolen

Targeted attacks on U.S.-based IT and government organizations. https://threatpost.com/russian-attackers-breach-microsoft/167340/

Recent Projects site page added

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added a Recent Projects page to our website to provide some pictures and info to showcase some of our skills. Check it out when you get a chance and let us know if we can provide our services.

Insider/Outsider Threat and Data Loss

We’ve added this page so that our visitors can take advantage of the news and information that will be shared here and on our Social Media pages. The goal is to share information in an effort to help everyday users and businesses keep an IT-focused eye on what important trends and topics. Below is our…
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